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Anya Nadal -

Anya Nadal was born in Argentina, where she quickly learned how to paint from her father John, who graduated with honors from Art School in Mendoza, Argentina.


After moving to the U.S., Anya got accolades in grade school drawing competitions. She graduating High School and went to Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota Fl. Specializing in Fine art and sculpture. One of her talents as a sculptor became evident when she was hired by a private jewelry store, to sculpt all their custom fine jewelry. Anya also was showing her painting in Galleries around the U.S. and a few galleries overseas in Spain, Argentina.  


  She later died and came back to life in the early 90’s, it was a blessing in disguise. She didn’t realize till a bit after that it was meant to be, she was shown her path on this earth was for. Memories came back from the death experience through lucid dream states and deep meditations. It cam through as sacred geometries within mandalas. These mandalas came through visions with instructions on how to use. After a time she put all the writings and paintings into a workbook called Holographic Mandalas, combining Sacred Geometry, Color Therapy, archetypes, symbols and Cymatics, to improve one’s connection to their purpose while uplifting their focus by balancing left and right brain connection for whole brain function. She is a visionary empath, utilizing her creations to excite, uplift and bring more beauty into one’s heart,mind and surroundings.  


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