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Camilo Costa -

COSTA  works the wire from scratch creating knots that form the volumes of the work. Subsequently, these pieces are given various types of finishes, bright colors and mixtures of these characterize his work.

COSTA's sculptures are part of different public, corporate and private collections.


Camilo Acosta was born in Medellin Colombia in the year 1992.

He studied industrial design at the UPB, has been dedicated to the sculpture trade for more than 10 years, his work has been recognized nationally and internationally under his brand costaesculturas.

Costa's collection is made up of animals and figurative characters from everyday life, although he has a great interest in letting his mind fly by making works that seem to come out of his dreams, horses have been a great inspiration for the artist since he is a subject that you are passionate about.

From the beginning he has used wire to give life to his small and large scale sculptures, his work is characterized by originality and a unique magic.


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