Hallamoda- The Fashion is an artist and designer born in Jamaica, New York. In 2012 he retreated to the corporate world of fashion retail to pursue his passion for the Arts; thus creating the brand THEOLDBLACK. 


 Whether gaining insight from the Editors & Staff while working at Condé Nast & Fader or developing techniques as a student in the arts from his Mentor (Jocelyn-Goode), Moda's experience has always been unconventional and Hands on has always been his approach. 

Losing his younger brother Hanif, to violence, has influenced Moda to further his hand in his community. Fundraising mural projects and even after school art programs, Moda's efforts to restore his community has been recognized capturing the attention of NY1, PIX11 & even the late RUN DMC for his work in Hollis, Queens. Hosting a plethora of shows, mostly known for his "New Renaissance" Art Showcase. He created his own avenue for fashion and art. With his increasing popularity and social media (@mr.moda and @hallamoda.the.gallery) presence his brand found its Niche in South Beach, Miami. 


made its first big debut during Swizz Beats X Revolt TV & Bacardi's Art Basel 2015; worn by Stylist Anaya Hayes. Following the success of his "New Testament ''Fashion Showcase at Queens Botanical Garden; Moda was finally on his way to becoming an established Artist & Designer. Attracting other superstars like rapper Lil Nas X, Doja Cat, OG Maco, J.I.D, Rich the Kid, and more helped make it possible for Hallamoda to do his first group show Art Basel 2016. Where he showcased his canvases with other emerging New York Artists like Eddy Bogaert, Protect Your Heart (Uncut Art) Shei Phan & Lucky Rabbit. 

From 2018, Moda resided at Faith Connexion, as an in-house artist/designer in New York City bridging 

the Gap between Art & Fashion. Confiding with fellow artists & designers Like Scooter La Forge, Carolina Sarria, Chris Habana & Patricia Fields. With NEW upcoming Pop Up Stores that Showcase his focus is on captivating a larger audience throughout NYC and beyond. Moda has fully shifted into the Art Fashion World. He soon positioned himself at the Epi-center of African-American Culture; Atlanta,GA. Partnering with Nasheem Wise, curator at The Lavista Gallery. Making it possible to debut an Art Exhibition Titled “OUR STORY” alongside well renowned artist Bariq ‘Miskeen’ Cobbs. Upon showcasing his Art Collection titled ‘How To: Be An Artist’ transcended his work and furthering his traction within the Art Community. 

Today 2021 Moda continues to focus on innovation; NFT, Sculpting, Installations, 3D printing and much more. Bringing more appreciation to the household name Hallamoda -the Fashion, the all-around artist. He has since relocated to Miami,FL where he has opened up a NEW studio by the name of “YOUNITY STUDIOS” in Partnership With Aaren Sirak. Where they will be creating NEW interactive content such as, A Web-series Titled ‘MODAVATION’ along with a NFT Series With Black-Dove, Podcasts and Residencies At Other Galleries Throughout Miami. “YOUNITY STUDIOS” Grand Opening is set for Fall 2021. 


Including an upcoming presentation in “Art Basel” This December Featuring Fashion Showcase titled: Death Metal Barbie With Artist Chaos N Cream. Everyday the brand is growing increasingly more established and you just never know what’s up Mr.Moda’s sleeve… but we’re EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE!