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Ivonne Waissmann - 

Her pieces capture the beauty in people, objects and places and are inspired by her own stories. A love of nature and music inspires the use of color and transforms her pieces into tales of modern art. The use of her own photographs, images and objects help create unique pieces of art. Ivonne's art work has caught the attention of galleries and collectors alike. 


Ivonne Waissmann is a Miami based digital and physical mix media artist, born in Venezuela. 

With an interest in fashion, an eye for detail, and a love of creating things with her hands, Ivonne started making art pieces at a young age.

She was chosen to participate in a collective art book showcasing the 100 contemporary artists of 2020, Editorial Guto Ajayu from Spain , the collective name is La Trenza.

Ivonne participated in an International online collective by the name of Ella and also in the project Parallel Visions. 

In 2020 Ivonne's art was part of a collective at the White Art gallery 

2021- Ivonne has been invited to participate at the Art basel collective of Picadillo Gallery

2021- The artist is participating at the Art Basel Weekend; Homestead Live Arts & Culture Festival supported by the Homestead Community Redevelopment Agency, & the Miami Urban Contemporary Experience (MUCE).


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