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Alfredo Sandoval Urosa - "SANDOUROSA"

Alfredo Sandoval Urosa - "SANDOUROSA"

“SANDOUROSA” brings his conceptual digital artwork based on twenty years of studies and experience in design composition and arts.  His inspiration comes from science and the spiritual world, transmitting to the viewer feelings and inspiration, inviting them to engage in the play.


Born in Caracas, Venezuela , Alfredo Sandoval Urosa, “SANDOUROSA” is a classically trained industrial designer, graduating from the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas and completing a Masters degree in Product Design with a mention in Furniture at the Scuola Politecnica di Desing in Milano, Italy. Amongst his many accomplishments are his work with the world famous furniture brand Thonet, where he won a prize and publication in Design Yearbook 2006 for his redesign of iconic Chair #14. Following the founding of the Escuela de Diseño de Venezuela school of design, SANDOURSA emigrated to the United States where he co-founded Picadillo Art+ Gallery.


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