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Art Gallery & Wellness Studio Incubator

Therapy Ball

Julie King

Sound Healing


Even putting any spiritual or philosophical allusions aside, chanting has a positive and calming effect on the brain and central nervous system. Chanting Om brings you into the present moment and gives you an anchor to remain mindful.


This is particularly helpful when you are suffering “monkey mind syndrome,” as most of us are, most of the time. Your mind runs away with you, frantically worrying, planning and getting caught in negative thought patterns. To make things worse, you are exposed every day to a terrifying range of negative stimuli.


Om breaks through the chatter and cleanses the negativity, replacing it with a beautiful sense of clarity and unity. It acts almost as a detox for the mind.

Julia Grushchenko

Om Chanting Meditation


Hello, I'm Julia. I treat the body with yoga and detoxes, and the soul with retreats!

Anastasia Zatula

Kundalini Reiki Master


Anastasia Zatula


Kundalini Reiki Master, NLP practitioner, Feminine energy Taoist practitioner, Energy balance coach, and a specialist in Systemic Constellations. 


Workshop Title: Energy Allignment


Anastasia’s immersive workshops shall draw you into a world of unexplored knowledge and pleasure while she works with your energy field and frees your mind from internal barriers.


Primal Prayer / Shamanic Drumming Circles




Yamila is the Creative Behind  “Primal Prayer” a Radical Self Expression workshop connecting to our primitive selves through movement and sound.

Her mission is to be the permission for others to feel free to be their authentic Self and fully embody who they are.

Lisa Dwoskin

Celebrity Fitness Expert / Life Coach


Lisa Dwoskin


Lisa Dwoskin is a Celebrity Fitness Expert/Life Coach with Multiple, Successful, TV Shows, as well as Published Books.  Her expertise consists of: Transforming the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  To live the Best Version of You, you must love yourself, accept yourself, and keep your mind positive.  

Your Vibe attracts your Tribe, so keep your energy at a high vibration and you will live a Healthier and Happier Life. 


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